Date confirmed! Planning Commenced!

Today I had a letter through from the Hospital, I was hoping it would contain my admission date, but alas, it was only a follow up letter from the discussions in the Pre assessment clinic with my consultant.

The not knowing when my op is going to be meant I couldn’t plan anything, both in my work life or my social and family life. This I have found particularly frustrating, so much so I decided to call the admissions unit today. I’m so pleased I did, as I was able to speak to someone that could give me the date of my admission; Monday 9th September! That’s only 5 weeks, this coming Monday! despite the fact I was kind of thinking it would be September, I still can’t help but think how soon that date is!

Now I can really start planning and organising and mentally preparing myself for the big day. Practical things, such as how much time Wayne will need off work in the early days and ensuring that all of my work is at a point that I’m happy to hand it over to someone else, that will be seconded into my post until I am able to return to work. Also, silly little things like, getting a non-slip mat to go in my shower and organising a key safe, so that when my family are away at work / and school, visiting professionals such as the district nurse are able to gain entry.

Whilst I was away in Liverpool back in May, attending the RCN Congress, I was speaking with a lovely lady on the Bloccs stand in the exhibition. Bloccs do some awesome plaster cast covers that are fully submersible in the water, allowing people to shower / bathe or even go swimming!! How cool is that? I was discussing this product with her, and mentioned my forthcoming operation and she offered to send me a sample. She asked me what plaster cast I’d be having and took my details. Several weeks later I was surprised to find the delivery of the cover waiting for me on my desk at work along with 3 sheets of stickers, a pen and some and some leaflets. Thank You Bloccs! This is going to be a valuable bit of kit in my recovery, meaning I will still be able to have a bath of shower without the risk of getting the plaster wet. Working for the NHS does appear to have some perks! Although these are not expensive to buy online, if I had needed too.

The Bloccs waterproof protector, supplied kindly by the lovely people at Bloccs!

Time to start writing a list of things to do and purchase between now and then! 5 weeks and counting!!!

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