Last day at work

So today was my last working day before my operation. I’ve worked in my local hospital for 20 years. Starting off as a fresh 18 year old Nursing auxiliary, then venturing off to college and university to become a registered nurse. In these 20 years I’ve made some incredible friends and met some inspirational people.

4 years ago something happened in my life that completely knocked me for six! But the love and support of my colleagues was overwhelming.

So today, as I walked the corridor for the last time before the op, I had so many hugs and well wishes from porters, volunteers, cleaners, nurses, ambulance workers and doctors. I feel so blessed to work in an organisation that feels more like a family. I fully admit I’m going to really miss work over the coming months, not the stress but the people; both the patients and staff that make going into work so worthwhile and rewarding.

See you all in roughly 6 months!

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