Day 1 post op

The first full day following the operation. As predicted, the nerve block wore off rapidly. The pain was the worst I’d ever experienced. It was almost like having your ankle put in a vice a tightened until the pain is unbearable, then having a rip saw set up on it. My heel felt like it was on fire!! The consultant was concerned that swelling was causing the cast to be too tight and contributing to the pain and suggested I may need to pay a visit to the plaster room.

I took everything I could; paracetamol, codine and morphine. In fact I was taking 20mg morphine every 2 hours at one point!!!

I was sent to the plaster room, where the cast was removed, and I got to see the wounds for the first time. ( sorry for the pictures) the surgeon has done such a neat job! One thing that strikes me is how flat my foot is, from the high arch I had previously. I really can’t wait to see if buying shoes are easier once these operations are over.

Physiotherapist came to see me once my pain had settled, and had me up and about with crutches, hopping to the bathroom. They also ensured I could safely use my wheelchair at home. There was just two simple things I was looking forward too… getting to use the toilet again instead of the dreaded bed pan; and having a shower!!!

Physios agreed to me having a shower and took me into the bathroom and made sure I had everything I needed. I used my Bloccs plaster cover to stop the plaster getting wet. It was heaven!!!! The feeling of warm fresh water running over the body, washing away everything from the last 24 hours was the best feeling in the world.

I was told that as I could clearly manage well enough, I could go home tomorrow ( Wednesday) so then it was down to discharge planning.

My transport home was booked straight away, as I needed a stretcher to keep my leg elevated, and being so far from home it was imperative this was booked ASAP, giving them at least 24 hours notice. My medication had already been ordered and produced, they only needed to add an anti emetic, and that took half hour! I was suitably impressed by the length of time it took to organise such a smooth discharge. I was all set for my final night in hospital.

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