Home life

I’m back home safely now, thanks to a wonderful WMAS PTS crew Liam and Kim. Who are such wonderful friends and colleagues. I kinda felt awful because I couldn’t talk properly, having been dosed up on the wonder drug morphine several times before they collected me. The journey home was actually quick and I put that down to nodding off and Kim’s spectacular driving.

Anyway, now that I’m home, I’m having to learn how to do things and build my confidence in getting around. I have my wheel chair, which I can scoot around on downstairs and I also have my crutches. Those are a little more challenging, given that my strongest leg is the one that’s been operated on! Leaving me with a weaker leg to hop on for the next 8 weeks!

Another huge challenge for me came in the form of Dalteparin injections, which I need to have every evening for the next 12 weeks, to prevent DVT’s. Never in a million years was I going to inject myself. I can inject anybody, but the thought of sticking a needle in myself filled me with dread!!! Wayne was taught how to administer it to me while we were in the hospital. But I worried about him doing it. So I got on with it and to be honest I don’t know what I was worried about! I don’t feel a thing!!! I feel incredibly proud of myself.

Getting up the stairs is easy enough on your bum, because I refuse to sleep downstairs. I want to be able to go up and use the shower and sleep in my own bed. I have a footstool at the top of the stairs, which I use with my upper body strength to sit on, before getting to my feet (or foot!) and proceeding with crutches. Tonight however, I did get a little too confident! Once on my feet at the top of my stairs, I found myself with a little more confidence than I should have at this stage. I lost my balance. Smashed my bad foot on the ground, then gracefully fell backwards landing on my posterior! My leg was in the air in some silly attempt to protect it, and my crutches were pointing to the sky!! I have to admit the way I landed was rather funny! Confirmed by Ellie who came out of her room and promptly fell about laughing. Poor Wayne was trying to help. So I asked him for the footstool ( with no intention of using it) then proceeded to scoot all the way to my room on my bum! Followed by an amused family at my sheer determination.

Yesterday my pain levels hit the max, and felt sure my cast was too tight, went back to Oxford to have the cast looked at again. My foot had swollen so much and it had no room in the cast, Hence the excruciating pain. The wonderful ladies in the plaster room cut my cast back to a backslab and bandaged it to my leg, after they had redressed my surgical wounds. The relief of coming out of that cast was so immense I could have cried!!!

So today I decided I was staying on my bed for most of the day, and thankfully it has really helped keep my pain levels under control, managing on just paracetamol all day! However since my dramatic tumble earlier, I have needed to take some codeine ( my own stupid fault!)

The great part of not being able to do much is the cuddles and company of two incredible dogs, whom I absolutely adore! They always find a way of making everything seem so much better!

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