25 days post op

25 days since my operation! That’s almost a month! Where does the time go?

On Monday I can start to partially weight bear on my right foot, which will help a great deal with Balancing on the crutches. But first, let me update you on how things have gone so far.

I am now pain free and have been for almost 2 weeks. It’s been a while since I’ve taken any pain relief, and even then it was only a couple of paracetamol. I find that incredible, given the extent of surgery I have just been through. It does make me wonder if my naturally high pain threshold has kicked in and now the pain is at a manageable level for my body to be able to process without the need for analgesics. Who knows? And I’m certainly not complaining. I do however get uncomfortable in my cast. Quite often towards the end of the day as the foot swells. But that’s easily managed with rest and elevation.

I have been managing to get out of my cast for 10/15 mins a couple of times this last week. But this requires support and my youngest Daughter Ellie has been so kind in helping me with this. It’s really important that the underside of my foot is supported to keep it in the neutral position while out of the cast. Not plus has Ellie managed to do this, but she’s also been able to assist me to take care of my foot by washing it and then massaging Bio oil into the skin. Since we’ve done that a couple of times it’s incredible how good my foot now looks. The healing process has gone so well!

The most annoying thing is that I still cannot get out anywhere with out relying on someone else to help me. This is what gets me down more than anything. I sometimes feel the walls of the house closing in on me. I know it’s not forever, but it doesn’t stop the claustrophobic feeling inside. That said, I’m mastering the use of crutches and thankfully haven’t lost my footing or fallen over despite me using the wheelchair less and less. I’m trying to build up my strength and move around more. I’m not entirely sure how, but I’ve lost half a stone since surgery. How does that happen when I’ve been sat around doing very little?

My scars are healing well by all account and I’m thrilled with my “new” foot. The shape and everything. I just hope that the surgery has worked, and that when it comes to walking again, my joints are more stable and the pain stays away. I want to be able to do some of the things I’ve so dearly missed doing. The pictures below are my foot as it is today. And me mastering the crutches!

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