6 weeks (+2 days) post op

These last 6 weeks have flown by. This week I have had my 6 week review at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Hospital in Oxford. Before I tell you about my progress, let me fill you in with what’s been happening these last few weeks.

As you are aware after the 4 week post op mark I was able to partially weight bear, which made me a little bit more stable on my crutches , meaning I could use the wheelchair much less, in fact I hardly use it at all now.

It seems that although I am a little bit more stable, it does not eliminate the risk of me falling. On Friday I took a tumble whilst using my crutches. I’ve had a few falls since having surgery, but the cast has been a great protection. This time my cast was loose as the swelling had gone down, so following the fall my pain became unbearable and my neighbour took me to the Accident and emergency department to get checked out.

I was informed that there was an inconsistency on the X-ray. But couldn’t get any further details without going to fracture clinic after the week end. So spent a whole weekend worried I had caused damage to my foot.

Fast forward now to my review … After going into a new plaster cast, Mr Brown reviewed my Xray and was very pleased with my healing and progress. So much so, he brought my recovery plan forward by 2 weeks. He said I was a model patient, and can now start to fully weight bear on my foot and come out of plaster for an hour a day to do gentle exercises. This usually occurs at 8 weeks post op!! But now I have a 2 week head start on building up my strength and get moving on my road to recovery.

Once home I started to exercise my foot. Not only was it very stiff, but it took huge amounts of concentration to be able to move it, as the new tendon wanted to pull my foot right instead of up and down. It’s going to take sometime to reconfigure the brain to teach the tendon a new way of doing things. After 15 minutes of exercise I found my self physically and mentally drained. I will keep working on it.

The pictures below shows my Xrays. The heel is screwed in two places and a plate on top of my 1st Metatarsal. The tendon transfer doesn’t show on Xray.

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